Wimbledon top tips for tickets and more

Ball girl at Wimbledon

A ball boy at Wimbledon. Photo thanks to Miranda J Wood / CC / Flickr

  1. Camp out for day tickets

This might not sound like a lot of fun – but it actually is!

Many tennis fans queue up many nights before to secure themselves coveted Centre Court tickets for big name matches.

And the queue itself turns into a mini festival itself, with hundreds of campers enjoying the sights and sounds of Wimbledon Park. But don’t take our word….

Don’t forget to bring cash for your tickets on the day – importantly they don’t take card on the gate! You can also store your camping kit for £5 for the day.

Top tip: Check out this awesome Twitter feed – Updates from the Wimbledon queue.

2. Bring a brolly (or buy one)

The rain at Wimbledon Tennis Club
Rain is part and parcel of a traditional trip to Wimbledon. It’s often hard to miss!

And unless you have a decent seat in Centre Court or Court 1, chances are, you’ll get wet.

If the heaven’s open, your umbrella will become your new best friend.If you dislike the thought of dragging along an umbrella, you can pick up fabulous Wimbledon Golf brollies from the shop or from vendors dotted around the event.

It’ll set you back around £25 (but is guaranteed to keep you dry!)

3. Sun cream and a picnic blanket

Along with the rain comes the other tradition at Wimbledon – the sunshine. And if you’re a fan of unsightly red tan marks, well you’re in for a treat!

Unless you’re in hospitality, or spending a lot of time in the bathroom, there’s a distinct lack of shady spaces to escape the sunshine (when it does make an appearance) so it’s well worth bringing sun cream and a hat, unless of course you’re going for the lobster look…

Another good idea is to bring along a picnic blanket or mat. Picnic benches are dotted around but don’t assume you’ll get a seat, and nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting on damp grass for a few hours (and the grass stains that follow)

4. Want Centre Court tickets but only have ground passes? Here’s how to get them

You queue in hope of being one of the illusive first 500 through the gates for Centre or Court 1 tickets, only to fall short at the final hurdle.

But don’t fear – you can still get tickets, and what’s more, you could be getting them for a bargain price! Towards the end of the afternoon, at 3 pm, you will notice a queue forming close to Henman Hill.

This is a queue for returned show court tickets.
 And what’s more, you could pick up a Centre Court ticket and world-class tennis to boot for a tenner.


5. Catch the big names practice before their game

If you’re really keen to catch a glimpse of your idol but don’t have a show court ticket, have no fear.

One of the best ways of catching the top names playing is to go and watch them warm up.

The practice courts can get really busy when any of the top 5 rock up, but get there early and you’ll be within meters of your idol.

And don’t forget to head back towards the big screen where you can grab their autograph too.

Take your own picnic and drinks

While there are plenty of restaurants on site, you may end up spending big chunks of your day queuing for food, rather than watching the tennis.

Some choose to bring their own picnic with them, to save money and time (no one wants to miss that incredible rally between Fed and Murray that resulted in people talking about it for months on end, just because they were queuing for lunch).

You’re also allowed to bring small quantities of alcohol in too – but do check the Wimbledon website for clarification as this can change with short notice.