For those who love British classic cars and exotic vintage breeds, then the Concours of Elegance show at Windsor Castle is probably your idea of motoring-heaven.

On a typical Friday morning the Windsor Long Walk is relatively quiet, with just a few dog walkers and tourists making their way down the long tree-lined path from Windsor Castle.

Cars heading up the long walk at Concours of Elegance, Windsor Castle, berkshire, The Brit Crowd Emily Wren

But on this particular Friday morning, the famous stretch was awash with beautiful vintage cars, paraded as if on a catwalk up the 2+ mile strip up to the world-famous home of her Majesty the Queen.

On arrival, sixty of the world’s most beautiful vintage cars parked up in ‘the quad’ – a usually off-limits area of Windsor Castle.

From big names like Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Mercedes Benz to British classics including Jaguar and Aston Martin as well as other more exotic and rare cars went on display for a weekend of petrol-head heaven.

Car in quad outside castle at Concours of Elegance, Windsor Castle, Berkshire vintage cars

It was also a rare opportunity for the general public to explore a more private side to Windsor Castle. The ‘quad’ and the top end of the Long Walk are usually very much off limits to the general public.

Concours of Elegance in Windsor Castle Berkshire The Brit Crowd Emily Wren

With Her Majesty away on her summer holiday it was the perfect chance to explore these incredible surroundings, while getting a chance to take in some of the rarest – and most valuable – cars in the lined up at Concours of Elegance, Windsor Castle, Berkshire vintage cars

I’m a huge Jaguar E Type fan. As the daughter of a man dubbed ‘E Type Tony’ who was a former Jaguar dealer, rally driver and British car fan, this iconic British sports car is what gave me my passion for cars in the first place.

So of course I was over the moon that there was a huge selection of fixed-head and drop-head E Types on show! Including this rather gorgeous ex Roy Salvadori lightweight.

E-type Jaguar in quad outside castle at Concours of Elegance, Windsor Castle, Berkshire vintage cars

For those who like their cars rare, you were spoilt for choice, including a mind-boggling selection of vintage Ferrari’s (including a mouth-watering Ferrari 250 GTO), as well as less well-known names including this Talbot-Lago T26 Cabriolet.

Vintage Cars at Windsor Castle Concours of Elegance Berkshire Emily Wren The Brit Crowd

This incredible space-age looking Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet Xenia caught everyone’s eye and won best in show.

Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet Xenia Best In Show at Concours of Elegance, Windsor Castle, Berkshire vintage cars

Of course Britain was very well represented – in some cases practically dominating the show. One of the show favourites was this gorgeous original Mini owned by the late George Harrison.

George Harrison from The Beatle's Mini in quad outside castle at Concours of Elegance, Windsor Castle, Berkshire vintage cars

But beautiful examples from Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Jaguar were also represented, as well as the first cars from the grid of the inaugural British GP.

Rolls Royce at Concours of Elegance, Windsor Castle, Berkshire Love Great Britain

Aside of the sixty rare breeds on show, car clubs from across the UK were invited to display on the main stretch of the Long Walk.

Accessible to all, this meant a free-treat for anyone who happened to be on the Long Walk or wanted to see some fine examples of cars, including Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin and many others.

A row of Aston Martin Cars on the Windsor Long Walk

One of the biggest surprises for me (and those around me) was spotting an Aston Martin Vulcan – definitely the new kid on the block, surrounded by many golden oldies!

Aston Martin Vulcan on Windsor Long Walk, Berkshire Emily Wren The Brit Crowd

On Sunday, the event came to a close and the cars left via the main gate in the ‘Grand Depart’ – again a fantastic opportunity for people who did or didn’t have tickets to see these incredible cars in action.

Concours of Elegance takes place once a year at some of the UK’s most beautiful locations, including Windsor Castle and St James’s Palace. Make sure to put next year’s event in your diary to witness some of the world’s most breathtaking British classic cars.

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