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This week’s incredible shot was captured by Simon Wilkes in Richmond Park, London. The deer is an icon of Richmond Park, and the crow sitting on the stag’s back captures this unique and rather special moment beautifully.

The wonderful scenic shots that feature on Simon’s Instagram account reflect how mesmerising the British countryside really is.

On the hunt

While the city of London might be beautiful, it’s also one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

But it is possible for you to escape the smog, noise and pollution.

Richmond Park is world-famous, and for good reason.

Covering over 2,500 acres, Richmond is home to the largest Royal Park in the British Capital (and the second largest park after Lee Valley).

It was created in the 17th century by Charles I as a deer park, and nowadays it’s a nature reserve and special area of conservation – a place for millions of people to explore and enjoy all the nature and wildlife that the park has to offer.

‘Everything Came Together’

Deer have been bred here since the 17th century, and there are now around 650 fallow deer that live inside the park.

They are often easy to spot and many are tame – it’s not uncommon to see people trying to feed or stroke them (despite the dangers!)

Photographer Simon Wilkes captured a deer in the park perfectly.

“I’m incredibly fortunate to live near Richmond Park and during the beautiful Autumn months, when the park is arguably at its best, I’m a frequent visitor.

On this particularly chilly October morning I’d been following a group of red deer, patiently waiting for a good spot to take a photo.

Eventually everything came together in this one scene. The mist, the woodland, the young stag (with the sneaky crow on its back) and the golden sunlight filtering through the trees. It certainly made getting up before dawn worthwhile” he said.

Richmond Deer Park London, wildlife in England Visit BritainPhotograph © Simon Wilkes 

London’s rural sanctuary

Surrounded by high walls, there are various entrances dotted around Richmond to enter the park.

Once inside it’s possible to walk, cycle ride and even drive around the park, stopping off at some of the various lodges – including Pembroke Lodge where you can have afternoon tea and dinner.

I’ve personally visited Pembroke Lodge and the view from the terrace is fantastic! Well worth the stop.

There are various other lodges dotted around the park – including White Lodge, which is a grade I listed building and is now home to the Royal Ballet School.

Talking of sport and recreation, there are many activites that can be undertaken in Richmond Park, including golf, cycling, fishing, horse riding and rugby.

And for those less adventurous – a walk along the many footpaths and bridleways can lead to some incredible sights – including spotting the deer that roam freely around the park.

Top Tip

While there are some incredible views inside the park, there’s one particular outlook that has the Royal seal of approval.

The ‘Protected View’ is located on King Henry’s Mound, and gives you the perfect stance to catch a glimpse of St Paul’s Cathedral (located 10 miles away). It’s also the highest point in the park.

Legend has it that Henry VII stood on this mound and watched St Paul’s during Anne Boleyn’s execution at the Tower – as he would be allowed to marry Jane Seymour once he received a sign from the cathedral.

It’s well worth finding this spot and checking it out for yourself! St Paul’s can be seen without the need for a telescope or binoculars.

How to get there

Richmond Park is the West of London, and is accessible by Tube, Bus & Taxi.
If you want to check out Pembroke Lodge for a spot of tea or lunch – or even as a potential wedding venue (!) – the address is:

Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, Richmond, Surrey,
TW10 5HX

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