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This week’s winning shot was captured by Marie-Louise Garratt, a photographer based in Leicester, in the Midlands.

It really does capture the essence of winter and the cold, chilly mornings that are often experienced at this time of year.

Don’t forget to check out her stunning Instagram page which showcases some absolutely beautiful British landscapes.

The photo was captured in the pretty village of Newton Harcourt, south of Leicester city, where Marie-Louise lives.

“That morning was especially frosty so I thought it might be a good idea
to take my camera with me whilst walking the dogs to see what I could capture”, she said.

The countryside around Leicester is very beautiful and worth exploring if you’re in the area. From cycling, to walking and horse riding – you can even explore the area on a narrow boat!

The Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal lets you take in some of the area’s most beautiful countryside.

When to visit England photo of the week Leicester Instagram

The best time to visit England

One of the questions that gets asked most regularly is ‘When is the best time to visit England / Scotland / Wales?’.

There is no bad or best time to visit – and  it all depends on what you want from a trip and what you hope to see!

The seasons of Autumn and Winter are popular times to visit.

The run up to Christmas, and the potential for snow in some parts means lots of people head to the UK to experience the cold months before Winter and Spring.

One of the many joys of winter is when you get to experience a really cold, frosty morning as featured in Marie-Louise’s photo.

In fact, there’s nothing quite like getting dressed up warm and cozy, and heading out across the stunning English countryside.

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